fan scarf

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‘Fan Scarf’ : The banner that the football fan holds above his head during the game to express his belonging to the club and to convey his great pride of being part of the same big family than the players he supports. More than an object, it is a symbol, a rallying symbol.

Incidentally, it’s supposed to keep your neck warm. This detail has its importance when you are a football fan of a European club, a continent where rain is the rule rather than the exception and where temperatures don’t get above 5° for about three-quarters of the year.

But its fabric, 100% Acrylic, which must be motivated by the idea of an affordable product - which can be easily exchanged and collected, with its various compositions according to the different events of the life of the club - doesn’t really pay tribute the passion and to the noble ideals the fan scarf is supposed to represent.

It’s time to find alternative.

This alternative, we imagined it to be of an exceptional quality, as only the grandes ”maisons de couture” know how to do. Because this emblem, beyond the pleasure of wearing a beautiful and warm scarf, needs to be transmittable, in the same way as a watch or a precious pen.

A father should be able to hand down his membership to the stadium to his son, along with the scarf that he had been wearing to support his team –bearers of the ideas of fraternity , respect and pride.

More generally, this principle of assertion of values could be applied to other stories, to other claims of belonging, to other groups or ideals.

But for now, we will be starting by is closest to us: the club our city, our club... the PSG.