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For three nights, Marie Agnès Gillot & Dimitri Chamblas are taking over club Salo, and transforming the venue  into a dance studio open to all forms of dance found in Paris. Their hope is that these evenings become an occasion to finally bring together the wide variety of dance styles that have been thriving side by side in the city, but haven’t crossed paths until now. Resonance, base, corollary... music will also be central to the program, with a range that will span from piano to DJ sets, percussions to Fame, bar class to clubbing, all in a lively homage to the incredible diversity of dance.


Le Salò

Salò is a one of a kind, festive Parisian venue that encourages freedom in art and all forms of creative thought. The club, which is located on Rue Montmartre, where the Social Club once operated, brings subversive, Parisian nights to life with performances, concerts, DJ sets, artistic installations and set design, all imagined and programmed by guest artists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, playwrights actors, and more. Every week, creative thinkers – whether new to the artistic scene, or well-established – are invited to come to take full control of the club. Abel Ferrara, Antoine D’Agata, Michel Gondry, Thomas Jolly, Olivier Py, Larry Clark, Jeanne Added, Christophe Honoré and more, have already had their turn at transforming the venue. The club was named after on of the most controversial cinematographic masterpieces of the 20th century, “Salò, or 120 Nights of Sodom,” by Italian filmmaker, Pier Paolo Pasolini.  The club will continue with its temporary guest artist direction until July 8th. The ephemeral quality of the space makes it all the more extraordinary, and appealing.


Associated programming Amélie Couillaud. Producer Guillaume de Bary. Production coordinator Perle Rolland. Video design Mathematic — Guillaume Marien. Project leader Pierre-Edouard Sigwalt. Film editor Simon Colin. Photographer Eric Nehr.