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Toiletpaper 16

English / Italian
40 pages
22 illustrations
July 2018


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Following the artistic “carte blanches” suggested by Dom Pérignon, BYE studio is presenting the results of its collaboration with contemporary artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the co-founders of Toiletpaper.

As such, issue #16 of their famous Toiletpaper Magazine has drawn inspiration from this exceptional champagne.  Deploying the same off-the-wall, striking approach to be found in all of their work, they’ve played around with representations of the fantasies surrounding this Maison Champagne, turning doctrines and received ideas on their heads and, in doing so, bringing their fantastical and surrealist vision to Dom Pérignon.

Pierpaolo Ferrari & Maurizio Cattelan

Pierpaolo Ferrari & Maurizio Cattelan


Toiletpaper Magazine 16 + Puzzle
Collector edition


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Silence! The Party

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari have also conceived of a unique way to translate this state of mind into a real-life event by creating the Silence Party, a celebration where silence reigns supreme. 

The first party took place in Milan’s Grand Hotel in November 2018. Each of the 20 bedrooms was decked out with unique installations, bathtubs were filled with ice and bottles of Dom Pérignon, dressing rooms stocked with provisions. The 200 attendees, who had gamely adopted the “Black Tie with a Sarcasm” dress code, strolled from room to room in silence, a glass of Dom Pérignon secured in a glass holder on a strap, pens and notebooks to hand. Conversations were carried out in writing. 


A vision of “partying”, then, which offers a unique experience, a game which participants throw themselves into and which provides a welcome contrast to the monotony of the run-of-the-mill events we see every day. A true alternative. 

The next Silence Party should take place soon, somewhere else in the world… and, once again, it will be carried out in total silence. 

The spirit of this Maison Champagne is also expressed in the artist’s universe via a one-of-a-kind mirror, hung on the walls of the abbey of Hautvillers, which is situated on the Dom Pérignon estate. It is within this creative space that the organic, almost living relationship between Toiletpaper and Dom Pérignon has been forged; a link that will soon give rise to new and ingenious concoctions.