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Since a few years, B.Y.E studio takes a unique approach to artistic collaborations for Dom Pérignon, inviting artists to pursue long-term projects inspired by the founding values of the Maison. This inspiration nourishes a creative ambition, striving for harmony that sparks emotions.

Because inspiration is a source of power – the power to explore, to reinvent, to challenge and be challenged.




Silence! The Opening
September 13th 2019 — Bleinheim Art Foundation

This has been the opportunity among others for Maurizio Cattelan to embrace this ethos in creating a new event called Silence! The Party. Part formal reception, part performance art, silence is definitely golden. The first edition welcomed some 200 lucky guests to explore the 21 rooms on the first floor of the Grand Hotel et de Milan. The only rule was that they communicate in complete silence, using only writing or gestures as they experienced the extravagant installations and performances staged by the artist. The event created a novel space in an environment habitually characterized by conversation and music.

Maurizio Cattelan has thus redefined the very concept of “social event” – where the only sound is the elegant clinking of champagne glasses – an experience he did replicate for his upcoming exhibition at the Blenheim Art Foundation.

With a great generosity, the artist has invited his guests and Dom Pérignon to be part of his creative process, transforming that opening at the Blenheim Palace into a full-fledged work of art in itself. For the space of a few hours, his guests will have a chance to themselves become performers.

B.Y.E studio is building with Dom Pérignon a constructive and emotional relation with the artist creating a movement of inspiration that goes from one to the other.